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Our Mission 

To provide every one of our customers the best home warranty coverage they'll ever know.

When we started Smart Choice Home Warranty we knew we wanted to be known as the company that offered the most comprehensive coverage and superior service. To achieve that we created a company that offered everything you need all under one roof. By having our own experienced team of licensed, certified and insured technicians in house we eliminated the need to outsource. Which means faster response and more reliable service. Combined with flexible plans, immediate approval. 24-7 file claim support, competitive prices and friendly faces, we believe we are the SMART CHOICE for home warranty protection.

Why we choose an owl as our logo? Simple. For thousands of years, the owl's thoughtful eyes, solemn stance and protective instincts have made them synonymous with wisdom, keen insight and a never ending thirst for knowledge. At Smart Choice, we admire those attributes and are committed to provide every one of our customers the same.

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